Template for the general:

In /hmg/ we exchange health advice concerning injuries regarding joints (synovial and not so), muscle tissue, fascia, and anecdotal treatment of said issues, as well as warm up routines, cutting edge research, and consumer goods that have assisted us in our quest to attain optimum health.

End goal would be to create a modern wiki like website (with sensible design guidelines) with the amalgamation of knowledge from these generals, and we should also create infographics and add info to the /fit/ wiki.

Things to discuss: knees, shoulders, back and cervical pain, stiffness, hypermobility, hypomobility, GAPS diet, voodoo flossing, foam rolling, EPI therapy, active/passive hanging, isometric/active/passive/dynamic/static/ballistic stretching, cryosauna, products and where you got them /csg/ style.



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